9. Day 7: Perth


Kings Park Sunrise
The weather forecast had been promising, so I woke up before dawn, and drove up to Kings Park in time for the sunrise. I thought it would be good to see the sun rise over the city and the river. Sure enough, the sky was clear, and the conditions nice and peaceful. On the way throught the city, the streets were almost deserted, so there was a real feel of the city being quiet before the rush of the new day.

Kings park was also quite peaceful, with just a few early morning walkers. I spent a while there waiting for the sun to come up, while the sky was gradually changing colour. At the same time, there was a full moon starting to sink in the western sky. This picture shows the view shortly before the sun appeared over the horizon. While there I noticed the small specks of aeroplanes taking off from the airport, and thought that that's where I'd be in a few hours.

Cottesloe Beach
After seeing the sun rise over Perth, I drove out to be beach to see the moon set over the water. I didn't know if I would make it there in time, but when I arrived at the beach, it was still there in the sky. By the time it reached the horizon though, it had faded out into the clouds, and the sky had brightened with the sun getting higher.

In contrast to the deserted city earlier, Cottesloe Beach was now alive with activity at that hour with a multitude of joggers and rowers enhancing their fitness. Walking south from the Cottesloe pavillion, there is this structure which seems to be a sundial, which I remembered from my previous trip. This photo is looking toward the south, with the Fremantle docks visible. Last time I was here there was a roaring wind blowing, but on that morning it was quite tranquil.

The car had to be returned by 8am, so I drove back to the city and returned it. After that it was a short wait until I was off to the airport for the final trip home. That flight marked the conclusion to the Western Australia 2001 trip, and yet one more travel experience.