2. Day 0: Perth City


Sunset at Fremantle
Day zero actually comprises three days over which I attended a conference at Curtin University. I didn't do much touristing at that time though, so this is rather condensed.

At the conclusion of the first day, I travelled down to Fremantle in time for the sunset. Fremantle is on the coast, about 20 minutes away from Perth, and interesting for its historical buildings and cosmopolitan lifestyle.

I had been there three years ago and managed to capture what I thought was quite a good photo of a seagull in flight at sunset. So on this trip I tried to repeat or improve on the experience. It seems to be quite a difficult task though, and the results didn't surpass the previous attempt. However, this time I think I did better capture the setting.

Seagull at Bathers Beach
Joining its Friends
These pictures were all taken from Bathers Beach, looking out toward Arthur Head. A lot of seagulls collect here, with plenty of food for them originating from the nearby fast food outlets. This could explain my good luck on the previous attempt.

These birds do seem quite lazy though, and are reluctant to fly off even when approached, so it can be difficult to see them flying silhouetted against the sunset. To take the picture of the single bird on the wall I did manage to get quite close, although eventually it thought I was getting too close for comfort, and jumped a few metres away.

Market St.
After the sunset, I left the waterfront and headed into the township of Fremantle. It is quite alive at night-time, with numerous restaurants and cafes. I didn't spend a lot of time or money there though. At that point I'd also run out of film for that night, so I didn't end up taking any more photos.

From Fremantle I caught the train back to Perth, and subsequently walked up to Kings Park. There is a nice view there over the city, which I managed to capture on film later in the trip.

The Conference

Bentley Campus
It's not the intention to say much about the conference here. That is what took up my time for three days of beautiful weather. My presentation was on the final day, so there didn't feel to be any incentive to relax too much during the time.

It was held at the Bentley campus of Curtin University. It seemed a confusing place to navigate around, but then I guess most Universities do to the uninitiated. By the end of my time there, I was starting to feel accustomed to it.

Perth City

City from the river.
Swan Bells
Bell closeup

These pictures were taken on the night of the conference dinner. That was held on a cruise of the Swan river, and it turned out to be a good night. I was even dragged out onto the dance floor, where I proceeded to attempt to appear like I knew what I was doing.

At one point in the trip, we noticed that there were dolphins riding on the bow-wave of the boat. That was interesting, but my photographic attempts were doomed as I didn't want to use a flash on it.

The curious structure shown here is the Swan Bells, which is constructed on the Barrack Square foreshore near the ferry terminal. It is a fairly recent structure, built to house the bells of St Martin-in-the-Fields. They were a bicentennial gift from London in 1988. It was designed to be a musical instrument, and a symbol for the people of Western Australia. I guess this was the West's answer to the Opera House.

Hay St. Mall
Perth Mint
On the final night, I took these pictures in the city. One thing about Perth is that it felt like a clean and safe city, and so reasonably pleasant to be in at night time.

Shown here is the Hay St. Mall. The clock towards the left of the picture is something of an attraction. It is above the entrance to the London Court arcade, and has a mechanism that portrays jousting knights on the quarter-hour. Also, the Perth Mint is on the east side of the city, near the Hotel where I stayed. That photo was taken by holding the camera through the fence, pressing the button, and hoping it was pointed at the right thing...

I did actually feel some regrets to leave the city, conference and people there at that point, but following that night it was time to head off North. It did seem reasonable timing too, as the weather forecast was for it to start turning rainy in Perth.

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