15. Victoria's South-East

The eastern coast of Victoria turned on fairly dull weather for me, but perhaps it was appropriate. Overall it felt a quite remote coastline with very little population near it, sometimes swampy or lakes dividing off the land from the southern ocean.

One of the more interesting parts of this section was over the hills in the South Gippsland. A bit of fog and rain set an atmosphere. I continued on from there to the little town of Foster. Its a cute town, and much smaller than I expected.

South Gippsland


Port Franklin was also an interesting spot right out of the way of the rest of the world. Here we have an innovative lawnmower I spotted there. There were two of them tied up against trees, both automatically cutting the lushest grass.

Lawnmower, Port Franklin

At Port Welshpool I came across the long, but now closed Jetty. It seems a shame to see such a structure just rotting away, but commercial realities have moved on. The whole feel of Port Welshpool was quiet abandonment, where life moves slowly. The farming country and small quiet towns of the East Victorian coastline is a contrast to much of the NSW coast, where the towns there tend more towards the beachfront apartments and shopping strips.

Port Welshpool Jetty
Port Welshpool
Thanks to Phill for correcting some names here.

From there I joined the Gippsland highway and continued up through Sale and Lakes Entrance. Lakes entrance may have been interesting, but it was about then that the rain and storms were coming it, so not much chance to explore. The rain and storming persisted right though until I came to Eden, and that made the drive something of a challenge at points with very heavy rain. there were a few interesting winding roads around the border district too.

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