10. Robe

I stayed the night at Robe, in one of the nicer, more personal YHA hostels I've been in. It is also quite a pretty little town, with beaches onto a clear-water bay, and a rocky coastline. The obelisk features prominently as the symbol of the town. It is kind of like a lighthouse without a light.

Robe Obelisk

But then there is also the lighthouse. This one has a remarkably similar design to the one at Cape Jervis. There is a walking track along that section of coast, passing by a number of rugged rock formations.

Robe Lighthouse

All signs were shaping up for a good sunset, so I headed out to the west end to see what sort of show the rocks would put on in the last rays of sunlight. A few other people had the same idea, and made for a tranquil setting to enjoy the experience.

Sunset, Cape Dombey, Robe
Cape Dombey, Robe

Getting up in the morning, the lake alongside the YHA was as reflective as glass. It was the feeling of being in the picture-postcard setting. After a bit of breakfast, it was back on the road again, for another look through the town and the next leg on to Victoria.

Lake Fellmongery, Robe
Customs house, Robe

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