16. NSW South Coast

After staying the night at Merimbula, I made an early start, getting up in time to see some sunrise behind the clouds. While spectacular for the sunrise though, the same clouds kept the scenery fairly dull for the rest of the day. Coastal scenery is the type that really demands a blue sky to look good. Given a different day, I'm confident a lot of those places would have been much prettier. But still, when travelling to a timetable, you get what you get in terms of the weather.

Sunrise, Merimbula

While the rain doesn't do much for the coast, it was doing good things for the dry inland, and swelling up the creeks. At Bega there was water over the road in places, and a refreshing clean look to some of the fields.

Creek, near Bega
East from Bega

A Bermagui, the wet feel really struck home. driving along the causeway you really feel surrounded by water, and with the rain falling it gives that slight sense of insecurity about being amid a flood.


Wet Coast

Narooma is a quaint coastal town, in the style of many of the south coast towns. This rock structure stands guard over the breakwall. Continuing on, I was hopeful of Batemans Bay, as it is one of the better known towns it the area. The weather wasn't being so cooperative though, getting some heavy showers. It did give an atmosphere of its own though, so I'm by no means disappointed. I'm glad that the seagulls don't mind the rain so much..

Batemans Bay

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