14. Melbourne

Point Lonsdale

I spent a bit of time around the entrance to Port Phillip bay on the way in to Melbourne, keeping to my goal of following the coastline. That led be out to Point Lonsdale and the Rip. Apparently quite a dangerous section of water.

The Rip, Port Phillip Bay

Point Lonsdale Jetty

The sky was kind of grey, so it seemed to make a bit of sense to replace it with some of the jetty instead for the photo. There's also quite a substantial lighthouse at the entrance. The beach though, was all but deserted.

Point Lonsdale Lighthouse


I've been to Melbourne a few times, and this experience wasn't greatly different. Its basically a city, with lots of tall buildings, shops, people and cars. People work there, and there are shops where you can buy things in. Some people love the place, but I'm not especially fussed one way or the other about it. There are a few tree-lined streets, giving a pleasant atmosphere.


Melbourne has a bit of an arty edge to it. Not being such an arty person myself, I'm not one to be appreciating it so much. Federation square is new and... well... different.

Federation Square, Melbourne


Melbourne has the Yarra River, the river that reportedly flows upside-down (mud on the top). It does make a nice break from the city.

Yarra River, Melbourne
Yarra River, Melbourne

St Kilda

I had some expectations that St Kilda would be a cosmopolitan water-side retreat on the bay. What I found at the beach though was a wind-swept and desolate area hemmed in by a busy road. On a calm sunny day it would come up brighter, but it wasn't going to put a show on for me.

St Kilda Beach, Melbourne
St Kilda

I had two solid days of driving along the coast up to Sydney though, so it was soon time to move on and fight my way clear of the suburbs.