9. Lower Murray

After a couple of weeks in Adelaide, it was time to turn back and head east again. In a way it felt a bit of a shame, because by then I was getting used to the place and enjoying my time there.

My first stop on the way out was at Murray Bridge, as I'd just rushed along the bypass on the way in. The bridges show that there would be times when a lot of water flows - some hint to the very long river system that feeds it.

Murray River, Murray Bridge

After Murray Bridge, I turned off onto the Princes Highway to take me down to the coast. The initial section of this was quite flat and barren farmland. For a bit I was thinking that I may have made a mistake in choosing the coastal route to make a more interesting drive. However, after a little while, some variety started opening up in the scenery.

Princes Highway, near Ashville

The Coorong
Along that section of coast there is a 100km long lagoon inside the sand dunes. It is called the Coorong, and is a unique area. There are a few tracks off the road to see sections of it, and they reveal a desolate, but grand experience.

Dry Dam

Eventually the Coorong ends, and you can reach the beach coast around Kingston S.E. It is a long and wind-swept beach with nothing friendly about the waves and many, many lines of breakers. I felt that I was the only person on 100km of Beach. Just me, the wind, and the waves.

Beach, near Kingston S.E.

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