8. Fleurieu Peninsula

I had good hopes for the southern peninsula below Adelaide. It promised open-ocean beaches an a reputation of a cool and pretty summer haven. It didn't turn out to be quite what I expected, but contains some nice spots.

I started at the East end, and went exploring on Hindmarsh Island. Its a big, flat landmass in the middle of where the Murray meets the ocean. At the time there was a new canal development going in with all sorts of expensive houses going up out there in the middle of nowhere.

Murray Mouth, Hindmarsh Island

Horseshoe Bay

Travelling the coastline, it does feel like a real ocean coast, with a good chance of waves at the beaches. Horseshoe Bay is a pretty little bay with a beach and rock Islands off the coast. In some ways it was what I was expecting Victor Harbour to be.

Horseshoe Bay
The Sisters, Horseshoe Bay
Commodore Point

Victor Harbour

Victor Harbour has all the reputation as Adelaide's cool beach spot for the summer. The cool part is right. The day I was there was stinking hot in Adelaide itself, but overall quite pleasant down on the South Coast. Beyond that though, Victor Harbour was a fairly quiet and plain town, with not much in the way of attractive beach.

However, there are a few attractions. There is the “famous horse-drawn tram” which travels along a causeway out to a small Island just off the coast. Then, not to be outdone by Glenelg, there was also someone offering camel rides at the beach there.

Camel Rides, Victor Harbour
Horse-drawn Tram, Victor Harbour

Granite Island is a short walk off the coast of Victor Harbour. You just have to walk on water along the causeway, and keep out of the way of the tram. I think the big attraction there is the penguins, which appear after dark, but it is also a quite rugged landscape.

Granite Island
Petrel Cove

Cape Jervis

I felt compelled to take a look at Cape Jervis. I guess that is just because it is right at the corner, is in the direction of Kangaroo Island, and because it has a Lighthouse. There is the ferry terminal there for travel to Kangaroo Island. There is also the Lighthouse, but not a great deal else, apart from a mighty howling wind.

Cape Jervis Lighthouse

Making good use of that wind is a couple of Wind Farms. There the 1.5MW turbines swing idly above the sheep as they graze contently below. A rather difficult to find gravel road takes you right up under one of the turbines, which is a good experience at seeing the scale.

Wind Farm, Cape Jervis

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