2. Canberra

As a small, planned city with a demographic skewed to government workers, Canberra has a style that's different to the other Australian cities. This visit was just for half a morning though, so no time for an in-depth look.

Lake Burley-Griffin
Canberra is spread around the neat shores of lake Burley-Griffin, which was created in 1963 from damming the river.


The most unique aspect of Canberra is that it is the home of Australia's federal government. The parliament house takes a prime place in the city.

Parliament House, Canberra

Taken from the war memorial, this view down Anzac Parade shows the old parliament house of 1927 with the new one of 1988 crouching over the top of it like a giant praying mantis over its victim.

New Parliament House, Canberra
Up close, parliament house looks more a normal structure, and less like a quarry. The tall, white facade set on the barren forecourt gives an air of authority.

House of Commons
Inside there is all the luxury a politician can give him/herself. This it the lower house, where the members do their arguing.

War Memorial

Another prominent site in Canberra is the Australian war memorial. This is to mark the lives of the people have died in the wars over the years. It is a tribute to the city design that it takes such a significant position opposite parliament and linked by the wide boulevard.

Australian War Memorial

Set among a large park, it is a quiet and reflective place.

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