5. Adelaide

Adelaide. What can I say? The flat city. Sydney has a harbour, Melbourne has artists, Brisbane has humidity, Darwin has Crocs, ... Adelaide has..., well, squares.


The city centre is pretty compact, and only really fills a part of the planned square mile allotted to it. Then it is ringed by parkland, which is one of the best features of the design of Adelaide.

Victoria Square, Adelaide

The central mall street of Adelaide is Rundle Street. It is fairly typical as street malls go, but didn't feel to me to have the vibrancy of Brisbane, but then it still a smaller city.

Rundle St Mall

The River

The Torrens River runs past just to the north of the city centre. It's only a small river, and the level controlled by weirs at that. I suspect that without the weirs it would just have been a dry creek-bed at the time I was there.

Sunrise over Torrens R, Adelaide

Here the sun was finally making it up over Adelaide city. An odd thing about Adelaide is the time zone. For some reason it is half and hour behind the eastern states. To me that just seems to little to worry about a separate zone, though I guess it helps the Adelaide people stay on their toes in adding and subtracting 30. To compound the oddness, the sun rises pretty close to an hour after the sunrise in Sydney... so surely a one-hour time zone step would make more sense!

Black Swan

Anyhow, the swans were totally unperturbed by time zones, and this one was a remarkably bold one coming up to me. Probably thinking I had food... what a thought! I barely had food for myself.

University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide sits alongside the river. It's quite a compact campus, with a few old looking buildings to give that traditional sandstone university look.

River Torrens, Adelaide

Out the back of the university there is this bridge over the river. The Torrens river is really quite a small peaceful little creek - ideal for rowing and just the quiet contemplation of peaceful life. A duck paradise too.


There are a few fountains installed in the river, presumably to help give some interest and move around the otherwise rather stagnant water. As an added touch there are multi-coloured lights to highlight it at night.

Adelaide at Sunset

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