7. Adelaide Hills

To the East of Adelaide are the Adelaide hills. It is a rural district with sections of farming and bushland. There are some quite winding roads in the area, and a sprinkling of historic buildings.

Adelaide Hills

The town of Hahndorf is a German town, which reminds of the German heritage of the area. It's quite the tourist town, but is a pretty and peaceful spot, and reasonably tasteful in the conveying the German theme.

Hahndorf, Adelaide Hills

St Kilda

St. Kilda isn't in the Adelaide hills, but is instead on the coastal part of the outskirts. Its just a dot on the map, and I wasn't expecting wonders, but nonetheless it is still a somewhat interesting place. It is set among a huge area of salt pans, where salt is extracted from seawater by evaporation.

Playground, St Kilda, SA
Adelaide's St.Kilda has two distinctive attractions that I came across. One is a quite large playground with fairly elaborate sets for kids to play in. I could image it could get quite busy there at times on a weekend.

Playground, St Kilda, SA

The other feature is an old tramline, which presumably once ran a useful service. Though from the state of this section of track, It doesn't seem to be maintained.

St Kilda Tramline, SA