4. Byron Bay

It was dark by the time I arrived at Byron Bay. Fortunately I had a town map with me, because navigation turned out to be a bit on the confusing side, particularly in the darkness. I ended going up to the lighthouse to get the feel of the landscape before checking in at the hostel. I wanted to work out what would be the best location to choose for the early morning and sunrise.

Misty Sunrise, Byron Bay

The hostel experience in Byron was somewhat eye-opening. I didn't get there until after 9pm, but even then, it seemed that things were just starting for the evening. There were people about everywhere drinking and making noise. I took a look along the main street, and it was just the same.. full of revellers. It seems that Byron Bay really is a lifestyle.

Anyhow, I wasn't up for the nonsense after a long day of driving, so I put the ear-plugs in, and went off to sleep around 11 while the others were just going out to start the night on the town..

When morning arrived I was keen to get out early and see the sun getting up. The sun did beat me, but there was cloud on the horizon, so I didn't miss the first rays of sunshine for Australia that day. The main beach in town felt quiet and peaceful, although there were still plenty of people about. Some seemed if they were still up from the festivities of the night before and about to crawl back into their holes. Others were up and active for the morning.

Sunrise, Byron Bay
Early Morning, Byron Bay

One feature of Byron Bay is the lighthouse out on the headland. Though when I saw it, I was thinking it was nothing new. It seems almost identical to the one at Norah Head, on the NSW Central Coast. I understand it was the same designer behind both of them.

This headland marks the most eastern point of the Australian mainland, which is a fact that is not really all that significant to me. Though now I can say I've been to the south-west corner, the eastern edge, and pretty close to the western edge. Still a few more to go yet though...

If you are driving, a challenge at this headland is to find somewhere to park. There are just a few spots at the lighthouse, and not a lot of other opportunities out on the peninsula. It is a nice walk out there though, but it does take time.

Lighthouse, Byron Bay

For me, the best feature of Byron bay is the coastal scenery. It's not exceptionally unique, but the conditions did come up very well for my visit, and it did feel clean and soft, and just a spectacular place to see. The lifestyle added another facet to the picture.

Tallow Beach, Byron Bay
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