5. Otago Peninsula

In terms of natural scenery, I came with the impression that the Otago peninsula would shine as the destination to see on the south coast. I had imagined a long remote peninsula of rugged coast and steep hills.

That was partly right, but it wasn't quite what I expected.

The Cove, Portobello Rd
Otago Peninsula
I was quite fortunate to get out on a fine, clear, still morning. Under those conditions, the harbour becomes mirror-like, and the soft cloud on the hills completed the ethereal ambiance. It felt like another world, and each cove along the coast was the same, yet different.


The main township along the peninsula road is Portobello. The area still feels urban, rather than remote, but really had a peaceful charm to it.

Otago Peninsula

A road leads out from Portobello to an aquarium and university research centre. It's open range with sheep sharing the road and gave beautiful set of views on that peaceful morning. With wind and cloud it wouldn't be much to see, but it turned on just the right conditions for me.

So there I was wondering how I could capture the experience on a CCD sensor. I tried... one lens... then another... with and without polariser... finding stray sheep for foreground interest. It was always clamouring for a wider angle, because there was always more just outside the viewfinder. It's an experience to be immersed in.

Latham Bay, Portobello
At the end of the peninsula there's an albatross colony, but I didn't investigate it after having spent the time along the waterfront. On the way back I took the inland road back along the ridge of hills. It's also a spectacular winding road.
Portobello Hills

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