5. Walking the Streets

With a few hours to spare in the afternoon, I went for a walk around the western side of the city. This is the more cultural precinct, and includes the main restaurant and cafe area along Oxford Terrace.

Oxford Terrace
Oxford Terrace

The Bridge of Rememberance was built in the 1920s as a war memorial to mark the contribution of those in the first world war. It stands over the quiet peace of the Avon river.

Bridge of Rememberance

West of the river there's the botanic gardens and the adjacent heritage quarter. Its a mixture of the grand and the quaint. On a second visit to this area, I came across a vintage car rally. There were all the meticulously restored cars, including at least one steamer. There were a few people dressed to the part too, and that helped make the atmosphere. Curiously, later, during the working week I spotted a rider on a penny-farthing amongst the city traffic. Now that was different: he's gamer than I'd be!

Hereford St Heritage
Historic Transport

There's also the art gallery, looking .. well .. arty.

Christchurch Art Gallery

City Life

Then back in th city, the chess-set makes for and ever-present centre of vitality. Somehow it signals that there can be a community around the open display of mind that comes from a public game of chess. The tourist tram also maintains friendly touch, with its historic innocence. This is heightened in the quaint New Regent street pedestrian mall, where it passes by the cafe tables and curio shops.

Chess in the Square
New Regent St Tram

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