6. Botanic Gardens

Most cities have a botanic gardens, and Christchurch is no exception. It seems something of a point of pride among the local population, and is one of the recommended places to visit. It's a pleasant spot, ringed by the placid waters of the Avon.

Botanic Gardens Fountain
Punting the Avon
Avon Duck
Avon in the gardens
Botanic Gardens

In seeing some bees clustering around one group of flowers, I felt motivated to break out the extension tube and try taking some photos. They are tricky critters, because they move around a lot, so by the time you think you've got one focussed, it wants to fly off. The other trick they have is burying their heads in the flowers, leaving you with only a view of their back-side. That's not really the ideal pose.

Bee in the Gardens
Botanic Gardens

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