7. A Tropical Storm

One afternoon we took a trip up to Mt Coot-tha to take a look at Brisbane city from above. It is a nice vantage point to get a feel of the overall area. There was some cloud and rain around that afternoon, so it was good to first get a fairly clear view of the city and coast, albeit with a grey sky.

Then the sky started to get a bit of rumbling up, and we could see a heavy shower of rain pass by to drench the city, and then pass on. It was interesting to be able to stand there and watch it all unfold. Following that, the sky started to get darker, and another shower was coming - this time for the mountain itself. After riding out the shower, the scene started getting quite atmospheric.

I took on a bit of a challenge to capture a lightning bolt. Winding down to the narrowest aperture, I could get to 1/3 second exposure time. After rolling through several exposures with the threat of imminent rain and lightning strike, there was just the one that came out in a picture.

Thunder and Lightning on Mt Coot-tha

There were heavy clouds darkening the area, and bolts of lightning in the surrounding areas. But there on the top of the mountain there was a small group of people, each of us running the gauntlet as a miniature lightning-rod. It was quiet - almost a quietness you could cut with a knife, but the thunder pounded. People watched, and stood at awe with what nature could deliver.

The City

After returning to Brisbane city and heading out to New Farm, the rain started again - first lightly, and the pouring in a full deluge. It was getting to the point that you couldn't see far ahead of yourself. Down one street, the Story bridge was rising out of the haze.

Story Bridge Under Rain

Gradually the sky got brighter and brighter, but still heavy with rain. It was at a point where you could barely see into the direction of the sun. Then the rain just stopped. In fact, it was a sunny day with blue sky. Looking back over the river the only evidence of the deluge was the water still streaming off the bridge deck.

A studden clearing

Nature can throw some unpredictable experiences.