4. South Bank

After some hours wandering around Brisbane city and botanic gardens, it was time to walk across the Goodwill Bridge at take a look at the South Bank. This was the site of the Brisbane Expo '88 and has since been redeveloped into a parkland and something of a centre for arts and culture.

Clem Jones Promenade, South Bank


There are all manner of restaurants and food outlets in the precinct. Most looked a bit too glitzy and fancy for my feet to touch their thresholds, but I'm sure a connoisseur of fine dining could find something edible there. I'd just as soon take my chances with the local supermarket.

Afternoon at the Pub

The arts were in full-force with a street performer drawing quite a large crowd. I'm not sure what this guy was doing, because I just wandered by at the end of the act. Come to think of it, I'm not really sure what the next guy was doing either, because he was making such a long-winded thing of it I didn't bother to stick around to see.

Street performer

But then in the midst of it all, the wildlife just takes it all gently. I think this duck was wanting to have a bit of a sleep.

The ducks watch it all


I can't help but find South Bank's beach funny. When I first heard there was a beach there, I thought “I have to see this one”. Somehow I couldn't really picture a Waimea Bay on the Brisbane riverfront, but didn't really imagine what was there either. It's not that it's so implausible, but more that they actually seem serious about it. Picture a swimming pool around 50m by 200m filled with truckloads of sand and chlorinated water. Then imagine a quaint little red lifeguard tower, and a rescue surf-ski all at the ready.

Brisbane's beach

I don't know whether to admire their creativity, or just wonder if someone somewhere along the line missed a sarcastic joke.

There is an arbour that winds its way around the South Bank, supporting bougainvillea vines. In some sections there is a covering installed for protection from the rain, but for the rest it is like going to all the trouble of adding a covered walkway, but then leaving the covering itself off.

South Bank's pathway tunnels

What better way to enjoy a dull Brisbane day than lying flat out on the grass watching the ferries and storm clouds go by.

Enjoying the South Bank grass

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