5. Road to Kilcoy

This day-trip came out of me taking a look at the map of Brisbane surrounds, and thinking, “what possibly interesting areas haven't I seen yet”. The two areas that caught my interest were Mt Glorious through to Lake Wivenhoe and also Bribe Island.

Being a fairly fine day, I mapped out a course through Mouth Samson and Dayboro up to Bribie Island, and then to come back through Kilcoy and Mt Glorious. An added advantage is that it would keep me out of the traffic and endless traffic lights I have previously experienced when trying to exit the city to the North.

Mount Pleasant

The drive out of the city up through Samford valley is quite pleasant. It goes through gentle farming country with the backdrop of the taller mountain range to the west.

At the town of Dayboro I turned right to take the road up to Mt Pleasant and on to Mt Mee. There were a few elevated older houses there and I thought this yard looked particularly interesting. It just isn't the city.

The old house, Dayboro

From there the road winds up through the hills to Mt Pleasant, and it turns into great driving territory to push the car around the corners. Fortunately the road is fairly quiet, because a leisurely driver ahead could take most of the enjoyment out of the driving experience. There are also some nice views down over the valley and open farming country below.

Terrors Creek Valley

At the top of Mt Mee, there is a quaint little village, and it does feel high up in the hills. To the north there also start some glimpses of the odd shapes of the glasshouse mountains.

Farm at Mt Mee

At Mt Mee, I took the turn off to the right through Cambells pocket. There are signs up about it being a steep winding road, and it didn't disappoint either with the scenery and some good driving roads. From there I took the main road out to the coast to Bribie Island and then returned back up to Kilcoy.


I hadn't intended Kilcoy as a destination of its own, but rather because that is the way that the road goes. But nonetheless, it is quite an interesting town. Its quiet, and has a main street the width of a football field. I had admired the forethought that went into Grafton to give it such a wide main street - which is now filled with traffic and parking. Kilcoy also has the wide street, but just hasn't grown in quite the same way.

Kilcoy main street

Heading South from Kilcoy, you reach Lake Somerset, which was formed by the construction of the Somerset Dam. It is farming country, and all quite green because of the recent rains at the time.

Hazeldean, Lake Somerset

The lake itself is interesting because of its apparent remoteness, but yet still well trafficked by boats.

Passing boats, Lake Somerset

At the bottom end of the lake, there is an area called “the Spit”. It is a popular water-skiing area, and it is rather a remarkable scene to see all the ski-boats and trailers lined up at the lake edge in what is otherwise a remote area.

The Spit, Somerset Dam

Somerset dam is a hyroelectric facility, and so has a chain of powerlines to distribute the energy to the grid. These lines appeared to be heading in the direction of Brisbane. This area was very quiet on the road and barely any other cars to be seen.

Marching powerlines, Crossdale

After going past the lake, I took the road up over Mt Glorious. There are signs at the start of that road warning of the steep and winding nature that it has. Along with that there were the signs warning motorcyclists that it was a dangerous area for them to get too enthusiastic. I can understand why too. It has some great sections of winding road up into the mountain.

Mt Glorious and Mt Nebo themselves were a bit of a disappointment in themselves. There are small settlements there, but there isn't much in the way of specific attractions to see or lookouts on the mountains.

One exception is Jollys lookout near Mt Nebo, where you can over the coastal lands to the east, and out to the ocean.

View to coast, Jollys Lookout

Descending the mountain there was more winding road down to the city.

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