8. Brisbane at Night

After spending the whole day running around the city looking at different sights, the sunset signals that last frenzied attempt at photography as the light first colours the sky, and then fades into darkness.

Sunset over the City

But then, in a city full of bright lights, there is still more to see after dark, so that sensible early sleeping time gets deferred a bit to leave some time to explore the other identity the city has.

New Farm

The Story bridge is almost Brisbane's answer to Sydney's harbour bridge. It has a similar feel, but much smaller in scale. But to make up for the lesser bulk, they have attached hundreds of very bright lights to make it stand out at night. This image is from a joined set of 3 pictures.

Story Bridge from New Farm

Continuing to the south of the Story bridge there are a number of vantage points from Kangaroo Point to see the city across the river. You just need to be careful if travelling South along River Terrace, because it eventually turns from an innocent-looking quiet street into a one-way no-turning-back kind of road that is likely to channel you onto the Pacific Motorway and dump you on the Gold Coast!

Town Reach from River Terrace

South Bank

South Bank is another obvious place to see the view of the skyline from across the River.

Brisbane city from South Bank

The Casino

Then too, the South Bank has the “beach” swimming pool. It seems to quieten down quite a lot there after the sun has set.

The "Beach" at night

Also shrouded in the quietness of darkness is the Nepalese Pergola.

Nepalese Pergola on South Bank