3. Brisbane City Botanic Gardens

Brisbane has two botanic gardens, the original ones in the city, and a newer one up on Mt Coot-tha. On my walking expedition of the city, I stopped by the city gardens to take a look there.

Baldwin Lawn, Brisbane Botanic Gardens

Though right next to the city centre, it is a reasonably peaceful spot and similar in style to ones I've seen in other cities.

Plants and Animals

There is, of course, the requisite examples of botany.


Being the botanical philistine that I am though, I'm not really one to fully appreciate the diversity of the display. There is also the fauna:

The Obligatory Duck

And the fauna combined with the flora.

Butterfly taking a rest

This moor-hen and baby captured my interest with the seeming play that they were doing. It's certainly rather cute to see the small fuzzy bird learning its way in the world.

A Moor-hen mum and chick.


Another encouraging thing to see was these kids playing soccer together. It gave a sense of vitality, life and community to the area, rather than just the occasional jogger or misguided tourist like myself.

Soccer on Soundshell Hill

The city centre borders the gardens, but as much as I look at the buildings from different angles, I really can't see beauty or grandeur in the city skyline. But still, there's nothing like tall buildings and manicured grass to show the domination of humans over a landscape.

Ornamental Ponds

Then talking of domination of humans over a landscape, there was also this strange thing growing in the garden.

Art in the garden

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