2. Brisbane CBD

The focus of shopping life in Brisbane is around the Queen St mall. As cynical as I might get about city jungles, I have to say that this mall seems to work fairly well. There are a lot of people around, giving it a vibrant feel.

Queen Street Mall

City Life

Various buskers also helped keep a light-hearted atmosphere to the place, including a some popularity of the Didgeridoo. This guy looked the part:

Playing the Didgeridoo

But then this one didn't quite have the same authentic feel. My guess it is because he's only got one of them, and it is a bit bent.

Didgeridoo too

Keeping an eye on the activities were a group of policemen. I don't know whether it was so much comforting to see such a good representation from the Law, or more a worry that there may be a need for them all!

The Constabulary


I didn't explore all of the shopping options, but here was a side-trip into the Brisbane arcade. I guess people buy things there.

Brisbane Arcade

The museum has something of a classic feel, and brings to mind the look of the British museum, complete with the netting to protect the gable from roosting pigeons.

Museum and City Hall

One thing that amazes me is just the high percentage of plain ugly buildings in Brisbane. Here the brutalism of the Suncorp Metway Plaza overhadows the Uniting Church. It's almost as if architects fled in horror from Brisbane in the 70s and 80s and left the engineers to design the buildings.

Albert St Uniting Church