9. Solaris Notes

This page is no longer relevant to SketchLaTeX, as since April 2005 it no longer renders text as fonts. Ignore this page unless you are wanting to render computer modern fonts in X or in sketch.

The main sketchlatex install instructions are Linux/XFree86 biased, but these are some notes from Kostas Oikonomou from his experience installing it on a Solaris 8 Sparc system. This is mainly for the computer-modern font installation.

2002-02-11: Updated, with a better chance working now.

~/.sketch/userhooks.py file:

from Sketch import config
import os

Creating afm directory

mkdir /opt/sketch/texfonts
cd texfonts
mkdir afm cm
cd afm
ln -s /opt/TeX/texmf/fonts/afm/bluesky/cm/* .
ln -s \~/.sketch/std.sfd .

A typical line in std.sfd should look like

The "unknown"s are important.

Make the TeX Type 1 CM fonts known to the X server.

This is the hard part. I don't pretend to understand all the why's here!

Assumptions: You are running the CDE, and you have the TeXLive distribution, e.g. TeXLive 6.

You must have a correct fonts.scale (not .dir) file from somewhere. A typical line in fonts.scale is


(If the lines don't look like this, edit fonts.scale to make it look like this.)

This says that the family of cmbx5 is "CMBX5". Unfortunately, the BlueSky cm fonts all have a family type of "Computer Modern", and so the X server can't tell most of them apart. To fix this problem:

Adjust the font path

Assuming now Sketch works ok, to have the fontpath permanently altered, put in your .profile:

xset fp default # for safety
xset fp+ /opt/sketch/texfonts/cm/
xset fp rehash