8. Font Issues

This page is no longer relevant to SketchLaTeX, as since April 2005 it no longer renders text as fonts. Ignore this unless you are interested in embedding .eps fragments with computer modern fonts into LaTeX documents.

This section is about the issues involved with including characters from the computer-modern fonts in eps inclusions. This is what you get if you save a sketch file with sketchlatex inclusions directly to ps/eps format. This is quite different to the epstex format, which doesn't have any of these problems, as the latex portion is in a separate tex file.

When the file is saved as postscript, Sketch does not embed the fonts for the LaTeX characters. If the file is to be included in a LaTeX document, dvips embeds the appropriate fonts. It is important that the LaTeX installation uses fonts with the same encoding as Sketch uses, or there will be problems.

This could introduce a future portability risk, as the graphics eps files rely on a particular font distribution. This could be overcome by adding the fonts using dvips after creating the eps. The other alternative is to use the accompanying plugin to save as epstex format. This creates a short LaTeX fragment, that sets the text portions of the figure. It also includes a postscipt file, which contains the rest of the graphics.

My experimentation so far has shown the following:

My expectation is that there is a neater solution to this. I would be grateful if someone could enlighten me further. One option may be to output via MetaPost format. This could offer really small file size overheads.

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