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Can God do anything at all? How about the oft-repeated paradox of, “Can God create a rock too heavy for him to lift?” There is a very real question of just what level of control God exerts over his creation. Our human ideas and logic can cloud the issue and distort which aspect is really important. ... more

When replacing the hard disk in a computer, it's convenient to be able to copy the existing installed operating system to the new disk, rather than performing a new install. This guide describes a method of doing this using the dd copy tool under Linux to move a working Microsoft Windows installation to a new disk. The main details concern dealing with different disk sizes and CHS geometries, together with different partition locations. ... more

The Law of Moses was especially pedantic in how it prohibited people from creating idols or images in any form that could be worshipped. This was tested at a very early stage, when the Israelites tried using a gold statue in their worship. The people felt the need for a visual image they could see representing their God. Similarly, people today create images to represent Jesus and other persons or objects of worship. Does God have the same attitude to the modern attempts as the ancient? ... more

For years, sections of the scientific community have claimed that Darwin's theory of Evolution offers the explanation of the origin of the species. However, time after time, it has been shown that the trusted theory of the day can't explain the development of the observed forms of life. Yet, the faith continues in the theory despite the track record. ... more

Is God Like Us?

28 Jan 2010

With another Australia Day, we hear another round of calls for a head of state just like us: not advantaged by birth, but instead a citizen like the rest of us, and chosen by us. With this societal view we could be tempted to feel that God ought to be the same, with the same rights and values as ourselves. ... more

When comparing the Old Testament and the New Testament of the Bible, there can be the impression that between the two there has been a change in the attitudes of God. The Old Testament, with its records of centuries of battles and confrontation between God and humans, can leave an impression of God's anger and justice. In comparison, the New Testament could be characterised by Jesus' teachings of love and compassion. Initially, the two may seem at odds but a closer analysis of the content of each shows that God is actually quite consistent between the two. ... more

This is a description of adding an external 3.5mm trigger sync port to the Sunpak flash series that includes the 433D and 383 super. These are hotshoe flashes with auto/manual power control up to a guide number of 36 metres, but most don't have a external sync port for convenient off-camera triggering. Here I show my experiences in adding one. ... more

From time to time we hear of scientific breakthroughs that are poised to increase our life expectancy. A large area of human endeavour is all about extending the length of life. However, for all the excitement, these are generally only about incremental changes. By contrast, in the Bible God offers a way to an eternal life. Luke 18 looks at what the cost is, and we are left to decide for ourselves whether it is worth it. ... more

God Cares

26 Apr 2009

When looking at human society, it's not hard to observe that our behaviour is often influenced by how we we think others will perceive it. If no one cares about something, then we are more likely to feel it's acceptible to destroy it. To the contrary, in the Bible, we find that God cares about this world, and in particular cares about us as individuals. ... more

There are many people who suffer deep trials in their lives, which they are apparently undeserving of. We also see this in the lives of people in the Bible. Yet, we also see a call go out for those hard done by to sing out for joy. There is a true comfort in God for those who mourn, and a real solution to the evils of the world we live in. ... more